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Clarra gives attorneys a single source of truth for all the complex details and resources associated with matters so they can easily manage events, mail, contacts, timekeeping, and billing.


Clarra’s task management, tracking, and integrated calendar features allow paralegals and legal assistants to save time, and move through their assignments without errors.


With Clarra, firm managers will be able to track activities and gauge productivity across the firm, with a keen eye on caseload, timekeeping, events, deadlines, and more.

Improve visibility across your law firm

Clarra simplifies managing the complex details and resources associated with all matters across your firm. Try us to experience a brighter and simpler way to manage your practice.

Improve efficiency for docket-driven litigation

Docketing is crucial to your case strategy, and keeping track of deadlines across matters and jurisdictions is challenging. Clarra’s integration with your calendar and CalendarRules greatly simplifies docketing and helps you save time and eliminate errors.

Your single source of truth for case management

Keeping track of resources, timekeeping, billing, and expenses over the course of a case can be difficult. With Clarra, all of your information is in one place, and creating reports couldn’t be easier. Clarra will help you recover expenses and collect fees and settlements faster.

Features and Capabilities

Matters and Quicklinks

Find anything you need regarding your firm’s matters, including who is working on what, the status of dates and documents, and more.

Events and Integrations

Keep track of deadlines, tasks, and appointments for not only your own caseloads, but also any other users in the firm that are connected to these matters. Out of the box integration with CalendarRules allows you to calculate and manage dockets in jurisdictions throughout the country with a few keystrokes.


Keep track of anyone connected to matters In addition to the firm’s internal users, including opposing counsel, co-counsel, mediators, experts, court administrators, and more.

Mail Log

Rest assured that you are working on the final and most current versions of any incoming and outgoing correspondence using Clarra’s Mail Log feature.


Run as many timers as needed throughout the workday to manage hours, rates, fees with co-counsel, and more.


Know everything you need to know about cases and the firm by using Clarra’s built in reports and Custom Report Builder.


Save custom searches to free up a lot of time throughout the day.


See exactly what is going on with your matters, including calendars, reports, and the time being spent on matters for you and your team members.


Multi-factor authentication, Microsoft and Google login options, roles based access controls, and encryption.

Why Clarra?

Go Digital

Reduce the amount of manual and paper-based tasks and get all your information in a single pane of view—matter documents, calendars, communication, and more.

Start now

Clarra works with all the tools you already have in place. No rip-and-replace, and no complex integrations.

Collaborate and win

Drive transparency, collaboration, and efficiency by bringing your whole team — from the managing partner, to the attorneys, administrators, paralegals, and professional staff — into a single platform.

"Clarra has been an essential part of our growing our firm. As the single source of truth, we use Clarra to track all documents, events, billing, expenses, and contacts for all matters."
- Todd Schneider, Partner
Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP